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Amcor Solar Solutions

AMCOR Supplies Thermo siphon systems mounted on flat roof or roof mounted.
The thermo siphon systems function without any additional accessories like pump and control unit, since the hot water flows up to the tank due to heat difference between the fluid in the tank and the collector.

Thermo siphon systems in closed circuit with special antifreeze fluid which protects the system against freezing conditions.

Amcor also supplies forced circulation systems which are in use where the tank is installed below the collectors (basement or outside).

The forced system requires in addition to the tank and collectors, circulating pump and controller.

This  kind of systems are very common in Europe and countries with freezing climate conditions.
Commercial installations are used to supply huge quantities of hot water.
These kind of systems are used in hotels, hospitals, industry, military camps, agricultural needs and many others.

Amcor Solutions – supply all products involved with hot water.
For space heating systems combined with supply of sanitary water.

Small home Heating Solutions

Amcor solar collectors are environmentally friendly and with remarkably high Performance, due to advanced R & D department tracing the most advanced technologies and developments.

The structure of the collectors covers all kind of universal installations
The range of sizes of collectors varies  from 1.5m²  up to 3.7m² (for big installations).

Amcor supplies to all distributers around the world instate design for all kind of central installations

“SOLO” Integrated Solar Geyser



A new unique design, combining the solar panel and the hot water tank into one integrated unit.

This hybrid solar unit (SOLO) is extremely cost effective, energy saving water heating system

Price is expected to be similar to that of a regular electric geyser.

It is believed that this system will revolutionise the solar water heating market, being the best 
and most affordable system of its kind.

This is the only geyser on the world market that has a water tank integrated with the solar panel.
The units come in 85 litre modules, which can be connected in series to make up the capacity required.
Three models are available:

1. Solar operated.          2. Combination of solar and electricity.          3. No pressure (gravity) solar unit. 


  • The solar operated unit is ideal for any situation where electricity is not available.
  • The unit can connect  as a feeder to an existing  geyser. The benefit of this is that as water is used from the electric geyser it
  • will be replaced by hot water, resulting in the element  of the geyser working less, saving on electricity.
  • The solar/ electric unit is ideal for new homes/buildings or when a geyser needs to be replaced.
  • The manually filled unit provides hot water where there is no municipal or any constant supply of running water.
  • The unit is free standing and easily filled from a container. Ideal for people living in rural areas or farms .
  • Portability creates a multitude of uses for the manual ISG


  • Low cost.
  • Built in temperature control.
  • High pressure
  • Built in valve
  • Easy to install
  • 7 year warranty
  • Modular extension of capacity by 85 Litre per module.
  • Improved aesthetics and appearance (no tank visible).
  • Supports the “go Green” initiative


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